Frequently Asked Questions
How can I become an affiliate of Click to close

If you think you have a following or strong base of followers to your site or blog and think we both can benefit from an affiliate arrangement with you, Simply apply

What if I am not a webmaster, or don’t run a blog or website but still want to promote your movies? Click to read

You can, that is why we developed “The Buddy System” here you can enter the emails of your friends who you think would like to know about us and send them a note. When you do you can earn $2 Boss Bucks in your bank when any of your contacts signs up and adds their first bank deposit. You can use those Boss Bucks or let them accumulate and use them toward your own movie purchases.

Does my website need to be a particular size or have a certain amount of traffic to become an affiliate?Click to read

Not necessarily, larger sites with ridiculous traffic can of coarse be a great way to generate commissions, lets be honest, the bigger the better. But I am also concerned about the quality of a site and the people who follow your site and most importantly the potential of your current site. After all was once just a 1 page website.

How long is the approval process?Click to read

It could be almost immediate, but definitely within 3 business days or sooner. I review all applications carefully and look at all URLs where you would like to link from. I may even have questions for you or ideas. Then I will let you know of your status.

What is the advantage of becoming an affiliate with vs. any other adult movie site?Click to read

Great question, and the short answer is everything!

  • Our content is exclusive and unique, won’t be found on any other site.
  • We are the authority in this niche, since we began in 2001 movie watchers don’t mind paying a premium for our exclusive content. What that means to you is that you are getting a higher percentage of a higher priced item. Our movies average $18.00 - $22.00 for a rental and $59.95 to $69.95 for the lifetime viewing option.
  • We also pay the highest commission in the industry because our affiliate program was custom made for us specifically. We are not paying any third party affiliate management site to handle and manage our affiliate program, its all in house here with me Carlo. So no one else gets a piece of your sales before you do, that percentage savings is passed onto you even for affiliates who are at the entry level.
  • You work directly with me Carlo and I assist you with promotional ideas, and some very artistic promotional tools, banners, clips and trailers.
  • Basically, from the content to the price per movie, the bank set up and higher commissions paid it’s an offer few can refuse. But each affiliate has their own set of benefits and reasons for wanting to affiliate themselves with You can better answer that.
Are all approved affiliate on the same program?Click to read

No, like everything else in life affiliates that perform better than others will be rewarded differently. Some sites with known major traffic or with impressive internet exposure will have a different arrangement. That is up to my discretion and the programs will be confidential. But all affiliates regardless of size are treated equally, big doesn’t always mean better and I will be watching for the conversion rate, if send me 10,000 in traffic but their conversion rate is low that means their traffic is only sending over sightseers. Again, the program and tier at which I assign a particular affiliate is left up to my discretion and can be adjusted up or down at any time.

Do you provide banners and support to affiliates? Click to read

Yes! and I prefer it that way. I am very careful with the presentation of my brand, so everything from banners of various sizes that will link to specific movies, to general banners that link to the home page, to trailers, clips and teasers will be made available to every affiliate. These promotional tools will be updated and refreshed often and each will be uniquely encoded with your affiliate code to be sure you get credit for all sales. These promotional tools, banners, videos and text links will be in your account section after qualified applications are approved. These tools are not visible to the general public or non-affiliates.

Can I request specific promotional tools other than what’s currently offered to affiliates.Click to read

Yes! I will offer custom banners and clips to affiliates who I feel have the site traffic and following to warrant the effort of creating specific material for their site(s). This can be discussed directly with me at any time. I am open to anything that will bring us both success in our affiliation.

Will Affiliates be notified before the public about any new site features and new movie releases?Click to read

Yes, affiliates will be on their own special mailing list, and will be made aware of anything new they can promote in advance of its public announcement on That’s how the word gets out and the commissions come in.

How will I get paid commissions and when?Click to read

Commissions will be calculated at the end of each month, affiliates with $100.00 or more will be paid within 5 business days after the end of each month. Affiliates will provide me with bank routing information and funds will be automatically transferred from The Muscle Mafia accounts to the affiliates account. Your bank account information will be something you need to fill in and can be changed at any time. This is the fastest easiest way to get paid quickly and without delay.

Will I be able to check on my sales throughout the month?Click to read

Yes a very user friendly robust account area has been created so that affiliates, at any time, can take a look at their stats, make changes to their account information and even grab other promotional tools.