Welcome, thank you for your interest! Please take time to read this before you apply. If you have any specific questions contact me, Carlo directly, But check your FAQ sections first.

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Here is the madness behind my thinking... Many of the most popular third party affiliate programs which would have been fast, easy and inexpensive in the end just didn’t make sense to me. They wouldn’t allow me the freedom and control to offer my best producing affiliates the commissions I think they deserve. I have invested time and money in order to keep third party programs and affiliate management companies out of my pockets and ultimately yours! With the affiliate program there are no fees or percentages that will be going to a third party but instead now will get passed on to our qualified affiliates. This provides more incentive to create, grow and maintain a successful “ad campaign”. Even our initial commission percentage and/or flat commissions are higher than anyone else. Affiliates, like my crew are family, and I take care of family!

I have developed various tiers and commission levels, some are percentage based others are a set amount per qualified purchase. Some allow for lifetime and long term income potential. is set up differently than most sites, a qualified purchase doesn’t mean your referred customer bought and watched a movie , it means they simply began to build their bank and have added funds. Your commission is based on what ever amounts they add to their banks. Keep in mind is exclusive we don’t offer a membership where one monthly gets the guyer full all access to our films. Even to view most trailers and previews requires an active account with funds in their mafia bank account. Our minimum deposit is $20.00 and once they like what they see then other deposits follow and a good loyal buyer makes regular deposits.

Your tier or commission structure is all determined on certain criteria; the size of your site or blog, the traffic and the promotional campaign you or “we” come up with. The process and its structure is very fluid and allows you to grow with us and earn more as you go. Frankly it boils down to the potential and ultimately the performance of an affiliate. Good work should be rewarded, so no one is boxed into any tier or commission unless they choose to stay there. Once an application is received and approved, then you and I will discuss and negotiate commission, percentages or flat rates. I will eventually be offering commissions to tier 1 affiliates as high as 40 to 50%.

Some Facts!Click to read is a proven success. I believe in my concept, my philosophies and the way I conduct business. Apparently I am not alone in that belief, our large following has become very emotionally attached to, the crew and the community here. They take our code of silence and the discretion we live by very seriously. They have found a place with people they can relate to and feel comfortable about supporting. I am certain you also know people in your network who would be happy to hear about us.

Here’s a few things you should know about who and what you will be affiliated with. These facts will carry over to your network as well and give you the same successful results:

  1. Late 2001 we were a single page website and a couple of still photos of Matt. After our first film release, and the enormous interest in “The Muscle Mafia” I knew we struck a cord with a certain audience and had a very specific niche. Since then I have continued to invest time and resources into expansions and many major reloads of
  2. They like us, they support us. Muscle Fund Donations and generous supporters saw we had something very different and paid the ultimate compliment by contributing funds to projects and my future vision for The Muscle Mafia. The Muscle Fund, to this day, continues to be an intricate part of all current and future ideas and projects.
  3. Not one dime has been spent on advertising or banners anywhere. Our massive mailing list and audience of loyal followers have all come here by word of mouth; that means we did something right and continued to do so.
  4. 50% of our current member base have been with us since our inception in 2001. We are “Sticky”.
  5. 92% of first time movie buyers purchase at least 3 additional movies; half of those remained as loyal repeat buyers and keep healthy Muscle Mafia Bank Balances.
  6. Mailings to our opt-in lists have an average open rate of 68%, unheard of in any industry. That means they like to hear from us!
  7. I remain true to our original format and concept and provide exclusive content, real, raw, unscripted. I am not interested in forced mass produced and over produced junk. I am not interested in putting out a release just to put one out. If I’m proud of it, it goes out if not it wont.
  8. 54% of all new sign-ups, including ones we are getting right now as you read this have noted that they were referred here by another site or by a friend; we are being talked about.
  9. This has become a community, a family, a club of sorts members don’t mind paying for quality and exclusivity, in fact they prefer to pay for it. That means the higher the buy the higher your commission, another fact other sites and affiliate programs can’t offer you. Do the numbers, they don’t lie.
  10. has been featured in and reviewed by many gay publications, these endorsements were unsolicited by me. I have been interviewed for select blogs, magazines, and interviewed live on The sirius-XM Derek and Romain Show. I have also been asked, along with some crew members, to make appearances on various TV and Cable talk shows, clubs and lounges but have declined for reasons that would violate our code of silence. Basically, there has been and still is a loud buzz around The Muscle Mafia, now you can continue the buzz and cash in on it by applying to become one of our affiliates.
  11. My plans and directions for and The Muscle Mafia are vast and endless. Affiliates who qualify will benefit from these expansions as well.
  12. We get prices per film that are unheard of in the industry and movie buyers are happy to pay it. What that means to you as an affiliate is that even 20% commission earned from one purchase would be like getting 90% commission on another sites purchases. Do the math, the higher the ticket, the higher your commission, and the more money you make. It’s a no brainer!
Numbers don’t lie:Click to read

Approved affiliates will make the most commission in the industry. Here is why, our movies range from $18.00 to $24.00 for a 24 hour rental and from $49.95 to $79.95 for lifetime viewing options. We also have bundles, packages and box sets of movies that range from $99.00 and up. So even an entry level affiliate of tier 3 will be making far more on selling and promoting and our movies than any other site who pumps out garbage at $5.95. Bottom line is, even the highest paid affiliates for other sites won’t make as much as our entry level commission structure. Frankly, there are no other sites to even compare us to; look for yourself.

Affiliates who have earned or who have been given higher status could earn up to 50%! Do that math, that’s pretty damn good. Qualified affiliates who work closely with me should have the potential to make the highest commissions and the easiest money you have ever made.

Application process and Acceptance:Click to read

It’s simple, you apply give me as much information as you like regarding your web presence. I review it, if I think there is a potential for us both to make money I will approve you and we can then negotiate from there. I may even request a phone call to discuss more.

Acceptance:Click to read

If you are approved you will be given access to your account and additional areas designated for affiliates only. First you will set up your account and provide us information for your preferred payment method. You will have access to promotional tools, banners, clips and trailers; choose your banners and get started. Then we will monitor your progress.

Payment:Click to read

Commissions will be calculated at the end of each month and paid within 7 days. Commissions will not be paid to any affiliate who violates the terms of our affiliate agreement. Any fraud, charge backs, refunds etc will be charged back to the affiliate and deducted from future commissions, so please make sure your traffic is qualified.

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